Styling Tips: How To Choose The Perfect Little Black Dress

Little black dressRegardless of your personal sense of style, every woman should have at least one perfect little black dress in her closet. It’s not only a must-have for any occasion, your little black dress can save you plenty of money and embarrassment when you’re suddenly invited to an important event. It’ll be there to save your behind and make you look effortless, yet beautiful.

Not sure where to start to find the perfect little black dress? Follow these important little black dress styling tips in order to find ‘the one’.

Ready? Here goes!

  1. Match your body shape

It’s important to remember that most women have different body shapes. In fact, the person sitting next to you may not look the same in what you’re wearing at this moment. It’s also important to remember that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There isn’t one body shape that’s more ideal than another. They’re all beautiful. So remember when choosing the perfect little black dress to ensure that the shape flatters your body shape.


If you have wider hips, wear a hip hugging skirt/dress. If you have broader shoulders, choose wider straps. If you’re small on top, go for a v-neck. Choose what makes you feel and look comfortable and beautiful.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Dance With Me Ruffle Sleeve Bodycon Dress

  1. Pay attention to your ‘problem areas’

As much as we’d want to avoid them, we all have ‘problem areas’ – areas we may not like as much as we’d want to. Although you have the body that was given to, it’s normal to take a look at different areas of your body and feel a need to work a little bit harder in that specific region. So when choosing the perfect little black dress, know where your ‘problem areas’ are in order to find a dress that’s going to flatter you all round. Remember, your ‘problem area’ may only be a problem to you, but to the rest of the world, it’s beautiful.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Keep Dancing Bow Back Dress

  1. Complement your personality

It’s important to stick with what screams your personality. Don’t invest in a little black dress that doesn’t represent you. Remember, it’s something you’ll have in your closet; purchased with the idea to wear it again and again. So if you’re a little bit edgy, choose a little black dress with a little bit of flare. If you’re classic, go with a pencil, below-the-knee dress. Choose what screams you.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Life Of The Party Choker Neck Dress

  1. Find the perfect texture

Material choice is important; especially if you want to feel comfortable. Satin has a way of accentuating every curve, so if you’re not extremely excited to show everyone your hips and booty, don’t go with satin. Alternatively, soft stretchy material has plenty of benefits. Your dress grows with you. You don’t have to feel suffocated if you had a little bit too much to eat at dinner. Then again, silk is beautiful. Know which materials make you tick and stick with them.

Little black dress

Suggested look: High Hopes Flare Off The Shoulder Dress

  1. Comfort is key

Apart from all the important deciding factors when choosing the perfect little black dress, you need to be comfortable. It’s a dress that’s going to be worn by you on numerous occasions; for hours on end. Thus, it’s important that you feel comfortable in whichever dress you choose. You’ll be the life of the party if you do instead of the wallflower.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Can’t Stop Ruffle Sleeve Black Dress

  1. Remember your lifestyle

Lifestyle is as important as matching your personality. Although two very different things, your lifestyle has plenty to do with the style of little black dress that you choose. The last thing you want is showing up at a cocktail party in an elegant glitter gown. You also don’t want to show up at a black tie party with a fun, less elegant little black dress. Choose wisely when shopping online or in store.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Dance The Night Away Little Black Dress

  1. Is it within your budget?

Budget, budget, budget. Repeating the word doesn’t make it go away, unfortunately. However, it’s an important factor to consider. Although our little black dresses are affordable, you do need to have a closer look at your budget when shopping online. It’s extremely easy to throw your morals out the window when it comes to finding the perfect little black dress.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Success Of The Little Black Dress

  1. Choose versatility

Some little black dresses can be worn to various occasions. If you do have a limited budget and plan on purchasing only one dress with the intent to wear it on numerous occasions, opt for a little black dress that can go either way. Fun or elegant. They are out there. Simply match different accessories with your little black dress and see it transform.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Top Of The Line Halter Party Dress

  1. Are you in love?

It’s important to figure out if you’re in love with the dress. Although not a difficult observation to make, you do need to know whether or not you simply can’t live without your chosen dress. You’re going to be wearing it. It’s you who’s going to have to pay for it. The least you can be is in love with it. If not, move on. The one is out there. You just need to look for it.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Cage Free Little Black Bodycon Dress

  1. Make sure you can breathe

Important: make sure you’re able to breathe in your little black dress. Yes, beauty is pain, but it’s not suffocating. If you can’t breathe with it standing up, there’s no way you’re going to be able to breathe with it sitting down. As much as you may love your chosen little black dress, it’s important to be able to breathe in it. Pick a bigger size or make peace with the fact that it may just not be matching your body shape. Be true to yourself and wear the perfect little black dress, instead of the perfect little black dress wearing you.

Little black dress

Suggested look: Just Like That Flutter Sleeve Little Black Dress

Lotus Online Boutique offers only the most beautiful and practical little black dresses for any occasion and all body types. Regardless of the season, it’s important to find the perfect little black dress to ensure you’re always prepared whenever the occasion arise. Always show up prepared!

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