Blake Lively Fashion Style: How To Match Her Hot Mom Look

Blake Lively fashion styleBlake Lively, who became a new mom at the age of 27, completely dazzled the red carpet at the New York Fashion Week when she showed what a hot new mama should look like. We don’t know about you, but after seeing Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants in 2005, we wanted to be just like Blake Lively; with her long silky blonde hair and athletic built. Fast forward a couple of years on, Lively still impresses us with her quick and glowing transition from career-driven woman to hot new mom.

If you’re quite new to motherhood and have the desire to ‘glow’, but you just can’t seem to find the right inspiration, look no further! If Blake Lively can do, surely we all can take those extra 5 minutes to pamper ourselves; in between diaper changes and heating up bottles. We know you deserve it and you know you want it, so why not do what Blake Lively did?

Here’s how you can match Blake Lively’s hot mom fashion style; without breaking the bank:

  1. Don’t be afraid to show off your curves

Yes, you’ve recently had a baby. Your body doesn’t look the same. It doesn’t matter. Those curves were created by a brand new baby that you love to bits. Your body changed along the way, and that’s okay. Whatever you do, don’t hide that. Show them off, just like Blake Lively. Wear pencil skirts and figure-hugging dresses. Avoid wearing oversized clothing in the hopes that no one will notice the little bit of extra weight you gained during the nine months. Be proud. You made a human being!


  1. Reintroduce your stilettos

Just because you had a baby doesn’t mean you have to stay clear of anything sexy. Yes, perhaps stilettos may have been a little bit dangerous to wear during your pregnancy, especially if you weren’t used to wearing them in the first place, but don’t you think it’s time to get back on the horse? Pair your pencil skirt with your favorite pair of matching stilettos in order to make your legs appear longer and to add some sex appeal back into your life. You absolutely deserve it!


  1. Let your hair down, woman

Blake Lively very rarely wears her hair up. In fact, the majority of the time, she chooses to go with what’s natural. Why not? Not only is it much healthier for your hair to flow freely in the wind, it also adds an element of ‘hotness’ to your new mama status. Add a moisturizing serum to the roots if you find them to be a little bit dry and give your hair some regular TLC at the salon. Make it a girl’s day out. Better yet, take that time to catch up with yourself.


  1. Flaunt your glowing skin

The added hormones may have made you slightly crazy at times; making pregnancy a little bit challenging on some days. However, the added hormones also gave you glowing skin and healthy hair, so why not flaunt that? Avoid wearing too much makeup; only accentuating your most striking assets. Besides, foundation tends to block the pores and can damage your naturally glowing skin. Instead, why not just go natural?

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  1. Show some leg

Do what Blake Lively did by showing off some of your gorgeous legs! There’s nothing sexier than a new mom with confidence. So go on, choose your most flattering pencil skirt or dress, add sexy heels to your ensemble and show off your legs. Forget about those ugly sweaters you’ve most likely been wearing. In fact, it’s time to burn them while you’re at it! They never deserved you so don’t feel one bit guilty about putting them to the side.


  1. Take advantage of those puppies

Yes, you may be getting less sleep and having a baby may have left you with a few unwanted stretch marks and a little bit of loose skin here and there, however, on the contrary, you were blessed with bigger breasts. Why not take advantage of it? Add a little bit of cleavage to your overall look and take advantage of those puppies. They may not be there forever so you might as well enjoy them.


  1. Accessorize!

Of course, in order to pull off Blake Lively’s hot mom look, you can’t simply put together any outfit with adding a few accessories. You don’t have to go overboard. Ensure that you have a pretty purse that matches your heels/shoes, add gorgeous tassel earrings and never forget a few stylish rings. Sometimes, less is more, so don’t overdo it. Simply spice up your Blake Lively hot mom look a little bit with a few valuable pieces.


  1. Forget about what a new mom’s supposed to look like

Own your own unique identity. Forget about the ideal image of what a hot mom is supposed to look like. Just because your hair isn’t straight, doesn’t make you any less desirable. Perhaps you don’t have long, lean legs. That’s okay. Own your own kind of hot mom look by making use of what’s been given to you, naturally.


  1. Introduce some color

Blake Lively loves adding a little bit of color to her wardrobe. So should you! Instead of trying to fade into the background with dull off-whites and shades of unexcitingly plain colors, why not spice your wardrobe up a little bit by adding colorful dresses and fashion pieces. After all, standing out is what you were meant to do, so don’t hide behind dull colors.


  1. Flaunt your pouty lips

Instead of just adding color to your wardrobe, don’t forget to add a little lip color to your pout? Blake Lively never misses a day to brighten up everyone else’s with a great smile accentuated with some lip color. Why not do what she does and brighten up your day as well?

Bonus tip: Embrace the new chapter in your life

Remember, it’s a new chapter in your life. It may not be as easy as you’d like for it to be, but it sure is amazing. Don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process, so don’t forget to embrace your brand new hot mom look. Enjoy every moment.

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Being a new mom isn’t easy. Along with all the sleepless nights and frustrations of not knowing why your baby is crying at times, every day is a new beginning. Every day is a moment when you get to start over and embrace all the mistakes you made yesterday, doing a better job today. This includes taking care of yourself; even if it’s only for 5 extra minutes per day.

You deserve to look and feel like a hot new mom; just like Blake Lively. So go on, embrace every second of it!

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