What To Wear To A Spring Wedding: 10 Top Choices

spring weddingAs the guest to a lovely spring wedding, you not only want to look beautiful in your own way, you also want to make sure you don’t outshine the bride in any way; whilst fitting in with your own style and the theme of the venue. You want to stand out in the photos and be remembered for your beautiful spring wedding guest dress

Of course, you need to keep in mind which dress will fit your body shape perfectly and complement your skin tone. The last thing you want is to look frumpy and washed out. So if you do plan on attending a spring wedding anytime soon, start shopping immediately by visiting an online boutique for easy and convenient choices.

Below are a few spring wedding guest dress choices to choose from; ensuring you’re the bell of the ball or even the icing on the cake (whichever you prefer):

  1. Déjà vu Blush Velvet Maxi Dress With Slit

Of course, who can go wrong with a sultry dress like this? This particular blush dress with low neckline and a high slit is perfect for women who don’t mind showing off a little bit of skin where it matters. It’s especially perfect for women who are gifted on top and have sexy long legs. Paired with a pair of high heels, you’ll definitely catch the attention of any eligible bachelors. Just be sure to catch the bouquet while you’re at it!

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Sweet Memories Navy Party Dress

If you’re in the market for something sweet, but still classy, look no further than the Sweet Memories navy Party Dress. You’ll be able to dance the night away and never feel restricted in any way. Paired with a pair of heels and matching jewelry, you’re sure to find your own Mr. Right if you haven’t found him already.

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Stairway To Heaven Strappy Neck Dress – Pink

What better way to hide any ‘unwanted’ bits and still look beautiful than by choosing to wear this particular spring wedding guest dress. The whole point of choosing the perfect dress is to feel just as comfortable and beautiful as you actually look. The great thing about this particular dress is the fact that you can pair it with either sandals of high heels; whichever one your heart desires. Go on, just try it on!

what to wear to a spring wedding

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  1. Aimed Squarely At Your Heart Bell Sleeve Ruffle Shift Dress – Blue

If you’re not a particular fan of your waist or hips, it doesn’t mean you have to hide away until you’ve managed to sweat it off in the gym. In fact, your body is perfect just the way it is, so why not find a spring wedding guest dress that complements your body? Paired with high heels and matching accessories, you’re ready for a great time.

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Rhythm And Blues Off Shoulder Fit & Flare Dress – Blue

Accentuate your tiny waist and show off your beautiful arms with this off the shoulder fit & flare dress in blue. It’s the perfect choice for those who enjoy being in the spotlight a little bit; flaunting a heart neckline and pretty ruffles around the arms. This dress was made for you and you know it!

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Say My Name Ribbed Halter Dress – Mint

Apart from the fact that pastels are completely in right now, this mint ribbed halter dress will turn any ordinary blonde into a blonde bombshell at the next spring wedding. Cutting off above the knee and offering a high neck, you’re able to flaunt your legs a little bit without going all out. Pair it with a pretty shoal and you’re good to go!

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. This Is Now Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Dress – Green

Who wants something flowy? A dress you can feel completely comfortable in without showing off too much skin? You may not be one of those women who enjoys too much attention of your own, but you’ll surely attract all the right attention with this particular off the shoulder short sleeve dress in a subtle green. Go on, feel beautiful and flaunt what you were given. You deserve it!

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Lilac Kisses Tee Shirt Dress With Pockets

Add a little bit of lilac to your wedding wardrobe by choosing a stunning lilac tee shirt dress with convenient pockets. Not only is it the perfect guest dress to wear to a spring wedding, it’s also extremely handy to have in your closet at all times. You never know when you’re going to have to dress up a little bit, so you might as well treat yourself. Perfect with high heels and your hair down, you’ll look as dazzling as you feel.

what to wear to a spring wedding

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  1. I’m Like A Bird Flutter Sleeve Dress – Dark Coral

This particular spring wedding guest dress is great for women who have a little bit of extra weight around the waist and narrow shoulders. By elongating the shoulders with a bit of a cup sleeve, you’re able to add length where you lack it slightly; putting everything into proportion. Of course, you can’t show off your legs without pairing this dress with heels, so don’t be shy. Flaunt what you were given and add length to your legs if you’re short and petite.

 what to wear to a spring wedding

  1. Stay Up Open Back Bodycon Dress

Searching for something a little bit more tight-fitting? Perhaps you have curves you’re not afraid to flaunt? Choose something a little bit sexy by going with this open back bodycon dress; perfect for women who aren’t afraid of adding a little bit of sex appeal to the wedding party. You know you want to!

what to wear to a spring wedding

Bonus dress: Reaching Perfection Blush Bodycon Dress

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sexy lush bodycon dress; this blush bodycon dress in particular. Creating a pretty v-neck and a high cut above the knees, you can’t go wrong by pairing it with sexy heels. Create an up-do with your hair and add delicate jewelry to bring out the best in the dress. Remember, you’ll look beautiful and feel confident in whatever you choose to wear.

what to wear to a spring wedding

As beautiful as a white dress may be, it’s important to stay clear of it; especially in this particular case. You may not know how the bride feels about you wearing the same color as her dress, so it’s best to avoid upsetting her in the first place. Remember to have fun, shake your booty on the dance floor, celebrate the beginning of a new chapter, and always look fabulous!

Looking for more spring wedding guest dress inspiration? Have a look at our wide variety of pretty dresses by visiting our online store. You’ll find everything you need and more under one ‘roof’.


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