7 Affordable Outfit Ideas For July

summer outfit ideasMore than half way through the year and it’s about time to add a few lovelies to your wardrobe; introducing affordable outfit ideas to match your budget and create quite a stir when you hit the streets. Since July is a time for celebrations, warmth, sun, and most importantly, fashion, it’s about time that you spoil yourself to a few wardrobe basics to move along swiftly throughout the next month.

When searching for affordable outfit ideas for July, keep the following must-haves in mind – found exclusively at Lotus Online Boutique:


Affordable outfit ideas

Why not add a subtle but stunning jumpsuit to your wardrobe choice this July by introducing the sage matching set in order to stretch your budget. Remember to add complementary accessories in order to round this look off and don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves. Accompanied by a side bow, it makes for the perfect feminine, affordable outfit choice for July.


Affordable outfit ideas

Sexy has never looked this good with our peach matching set showing off your curves in all the right places. Being one of the warmest months throughout the year, July is a time to show off your best assets in the most respectable kind of way – without compromising your sense of style and sass. Add a pair of sexy heels and you’re good to go!

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Affordable outfit ideas

Of course, any fashionista knows, you can’t go wrong with a cute pair of short and matching top to keep the vibe going. Our floral matching set is perfect for women who’d like to show a little bit of leg whilst flaunting a hint of flower power in their wardrobe choice. Accompanied with tassels by the sleeves, the added little bit of detail concludes the outfit.


Affordable outfit ideas

There’s no better way to welcome July than with our floral culture matching set on a white ‘canvas’. Perfect for beach days and relaxing evenings at home, this particular affordable outfit idea will help stretch your budget and improve your overall sense of style in a whim. Accompanied with sandals, it makes for the perfect relaxation outfit choice.


Affordable outfit ideas

There’s absolutely no way that you can enter July without an affordable white outfit. Our Boss Babe Envelope Skirt Set is the perfect white ensemble for warm July days – keeping your sense of fashion in check whilst flaunting your curves in all the right places. Remember, if you want to add some excitement to the outfit, you can always add a hint of color on your lips and accessories. Keep it classy, though, as certain colors can completely ruin the outfit.


Affordable outfit ideas

Thinking of adding a two piece to your wardrobe this July? Why not consider the blue embroider set – perfect for women who don’t mind showing a little bit of belly button. Showcasing blue prints on a white background, it makes for the perfect affordable outfit idea with a Meddeterranian feel (even if you’re stuck at home in the middle of nowhere).

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Affordable outfit ideas

When it comes to celebrating July in style, you simply can’t expect to enter the seventh month of the year without adding tangerine to your wardrobe. Perfectly showing off your collarbone and shoulders, this matching set is the perfect affordable outfit choice for women who’d like to remain classy whilst flaunting their curves. Add a few fashionable accessories and you’re all set!

When it comes to finding affordable outfit ideas to match your budget, you’ll easily find exactly what you’re searching for by browsing our online clothing boutique for the perfect July outfit choice. Whether you’d like to add a few bold colors or keep it quite plain and simple, we have a wide variety of affordable outfit ideas for women from all walks of life.

Shop for affordable outfit ideas by visiting our online clothing boutique this July.


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