How To Define Your Personal Style: 8 Important Tips

Personal styleFinding your own voice in fashion can often be the most difficult thing you can try to do. With so many celebrity influencers making the rounds, it’s hard looking past what they’re wearing in the hopes of finding your own personal style.

It’s never easy and it does require that you look at yourself in the mirror, long and hard, before deciding on any one style to showcase who you truly are on the inside. There are certain tips to keep in mind in order to make the process a little bit easier.

Here’s how you can define your personal style:

1. Figure out your body shape

You can’t begin to figure out your personal style without first figuring out your body shape in order to find the correct clothing shapes to flatter your body. You may see a certain type of clothing item on a celebrity or person you admire that won’t work well with your body shape, so it’s important to look past what you like and instead evaluate what will flatter your body shape best. If not, you’ll end up choosing a certain style without being flattered at all.

2. Spend money on valuable items

There are certain items that may be expensive but will last you for years. Accessories such as a good purse, a stylish watch, a pair of strong sunglasses, and that very expensive pair of high heels that you’ve had your eyes on for quite some time, may cost you an arm and a leg, but it’s important to spend money on valuable items that can be worn with various types of outfits for years still to come. Individual fashion pieces may spark the discovery of your personal style, you never know.

3. Find signature pieces

Whether you prefer red lips, black sunglasses, or even a certain way of wearing your hair, it’s important to find signature pieces that scream you – something that people will recognize you for a mile away. Remember, your personal style is unique to you in some sense. Sure, you may be wearing a coat that someone else has worn before or you may have red lips that thousands of other woman may also have, but if you wear it every day, it becomes part of you. That’s what a personal style is really all about.

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4. Determine your skin tone

Figuring out your skin tone and which colors will match it perfectly will determine the type of colors you’ll end up wearing, because although you may be in love with a dark red, it could end up washing you out completely. Then again, black has always been a timeless color. So many style icons have gone with the slick, sophisticated color of black which did wonders to their body shapes and personal style. Perhaps you’re more of a pink person?

5. Add a mood board

It’s very difficult for some individuals to visualize something they can’t see in front of them, which is why creating a vision/mood board is ideal! Before shopping for various looks, glue down a few images of styles that you love and how you’d like to be seen (it’s what most professionals do anyway) and envision your vision before spending a ton of money on something that doesn’t match your personality. You’ll soon be able to discover whether your vision works well with who you are once you’re able to see the complete picture on a board.

6. Write down items you don’t like

When figuring out looks that you may like, you may also want to write down certain looks that you absolutely hate in order to narrow the options down. If goth is out of the question, keep it out of sight. If you’re not into fantasy, it’s best to write down all the clothing options that may be associated with that particular look. This elimination process will help you discover what you like by realizing what you loath.

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7. Evaluate your current wardrobe

Have you looked at the contents of your wardrobe lately? You may already have some sense of personal style without even knowing it. It’s true what they say: you can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear. If you are dedicated to developing a personal style and you’re willing to revamp your closet, do so by keeping items that are unique and true to the style you think you want and donate the rest. You’ll be helping someone else in the process.

8. Establish an icon

It’s easier to find your personal style if you have someone to look up to who shares your vision. This person doesn’t have to be famous in any way, but they do need to resemble the person you’d like to be in terms of physical appearance. Perhaps you’ve discovered a fashion blogger with an amazing sense of personal style or you’re into bigger, more famous names. The key is to follow their sense of style without copying it completely. Give it a try, but always be true to yourself.

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“The key to personal style is understanding your individual beauty enough to know which looks will work for you and which probably won’t.” – Stacy London


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