Trending- Fall Florals

Fall Florals Are So On Trend

When thinking of floral prints, you typically think of light colors and spring in the air, right? Well, change that thinking for this fall season. Floral prints have made a splash on the fall runways in the best way. The fall floral prints we are seeing this season are taking floral prints and adding a little grunge to them. They aren’t the light colors of spring; they have a darker color palette to flow with the season. There are so many ways you can incorporate fall florals into your wardrobe so you can look like you just walked off the runway this season. From layers to tops and bottoms, or accessories, there are so many floral trends you don’t want to miss out on.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a floral print into your wardrobe is with a layering piece. Floral kimonos and jackets are a great way to add some print and texture to your fall outfits. Picking neutral base pieces with a flowy, floral kimono is an easy way to achieve a runway look. The layers give you the feeling of fall while the floral print really ties in that trend. Kimonos are also lightweight, making them a great layer for those states (like mine) that truly don’t get fall weather until mid-fall. For the edgy girl, a floral bomber jacket is another great way to add floral prints to your outfits. A floral bomber will show you are keeping up with the season’s latest trends. Bomber jackets are so sassy and the floral print will add some texture to your basic fall outfit.

Another easy way to bring florals into your closet this fall is with a floral top or skirt. A simple floral top that would look great with jeans is an easy way to stay up with the trends this fall. The darker colors of fall florals will make sure your outfit matches the season. Designers are doing the floral tops many ways this season. For girly girls, a floral blouse is so on trend. For the girls with a little sass, a major trend is sheer tops with floral appliques.  A floral skirt is another great way to add some floral print while still keeping that girly essence. The dark colors will keep you in the fall season but the skirt design is a little more free and flirty. Choosing a floral print for a base piece makes it easy to style the rest of your outfit. Pair your floral print with a neutral color and simple earrings and you have a great fall look for day or night!

My favorite way to add in floral prints is probably in my accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit. They are also the best way to add some fun to your outfits. Purses and shoes are an easy way to add some color or incorporate a trend. Wearing a neutral outfit with an awesome floral print purse has me drooling this season! Statement purses are some of my favorite accessories so why not use them as a chance to incorporate a fall floral print. Floral print shoes or booties are another way to add some floral print to your outfits. Floral shoes will have you looking like you walked straight from the fashion week runways. Another accessory that isn’t technically floral print but will add that floral essence, are flower earrings. A beautiful flower stud can add that same floral feeling to an outfit without an overpowering floral print. Accessories are such an easy element to play around with in your outfits; don’t be afraid to try out some florals with your accessories this season!

Floral prints are no longer just for spring and summer with light, airy colors. Fall florals have made their presence known this season with their edgy color palettes. The colors of these prints are truly what differentiate these florals from the floral prints we will see when spring comes around. Bringing these fall florals into your wardrobe is just as easy as in spring.

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